How does Linkedin partially censor my posts?

How does Linkedin manage to stop my posts being read on my iPhone, and others occasionally, or a lot?

P.S. Linkedin are actually censoring this post about being censored – my iPhone will not show it, a close contact in the same boat, another said the comment left is not being shown.

Periodically an error message comes up – Sorry, we couldn’t find that page. Let’s try again… 

This can happen for a day or two – but then the post will appear OK on my iPhone for a while.

This happens to others too periodically when I ask – coming and going but normally for long periods at a time.

Plus replies to critical comments of my posts have been removed from screening. But then on one occasion returned back on the Post after the writer complained her comment had been taken down by Linkedin.

Found this quote in an article relating to Linkedin censorship in China Give the government what it wants

“LinkedIn CEO Jeff Wiener has been candid about how accepting censorship is a trade-off for the company as it tries to grow. “We are strongly in support of freedom of expression and we are opposed to censorship,” he told the Wall Street Journal. “…[But censorship] is going to be necessary for us to achieve the kind of scale that we’d like to be able to deliver to our membership.””

So do I have my own Linkedin censor reading this right now? Who pays his or her fees? Linkedin? Big P? Big Gov? 

We know the VAXX movie got censored – sort of, because showing now in a small New York cinema.

We know the CDC whistleblower got censored for saying he is a criminal and co-destroyed vital evidence linking MMR V drug with autism, which CDC, the world’s most influential body, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, doesn’t want you to know about.

We know here in Australia that PhD student Judy Wilyman’s thesis on V drugs got censored (now lifted after a bit of heave-ho) by the University of Wollongong because it debated the taboo topics of why some V drugs use mercury; why all V drugs use a myriad of other foreign substances largely untested ; and what was precisely in the Australian Immunisation Schedule of drugs currently running at 47 separate vaccines comprising 124 individual antigens creating separate immune responses in our children.

The Linkedin process of censorship? runs like this? I talk about the V word right!

V is the short hand for a certain type of drug!

V could be the shorthand for Victory too for Big Pharma, and the recipients of their corruptions routinely discovered by the USA’s Department of Justice. Somebody has to be the beneficiary by the way of corruption – that is the D mob who never get charged with accepting bribes – YET. Better not talk about D’s in the same breath as V’s because my future posts about D’s might be censored too.

Drugs are rigorously tested for safety and efficacy before they are approved, Right?

Approved drugs are rigorously followed up after approval, to see if the clinical trial studies pre-approval, match real life experience after administration to CONSUMERS? Right?

But when we create a foreign body not known to man in a chemical lab and inject it into the body of our newborns, the game rules change. Why? Because ethically it is best the Big D’s say it is best for you to not know whether V drugs really do work based upon accepted independent peak medical science protocols for conducting clinical trials.

My post on the lack of peak scientific evidence for the efficacy of Rubella is a case in point found at Hot Seat for Professor Rowe, a Friend of Science in Medicine 

Naturally my discussion of the V drug attracted an immediate outburst from Big Pharma’s no 1 prized Australian lobbyist Professor John Dwyer, who runs a covert, and sometimes highly vitriolic operation, called the Friends of “cherry-picking” Science in Medicine. Not surprisingly Professor “Cherry-Picker” blogged immediately on the FOSIM’s website his cherry-picked version of Rubella science.

Naturally Professor “Cherry Picker” had a brain fade when blogging to his faithful congregation of the most influential players in the most influential Australian institutions run largely by taxpayer dollars or Big Pharma’s dollars BTW.

Chief Cherry Picking Blogger took the lead from his co-conspiratorial partner mates running the NHMRC, blogging at I need help finding the Cochrane Collaboration reviews site   that the public only needs to read his cherry-picked set of articles, and conveniently omitting the peak science study review from the Cochrane Collaboration. Maybe Professor Dwyer needs a new section on his site for articles he has read and decided to censor from his blog of vital information important to the lives of our children facing Rubella risk, and parents who care for these innocent children. Or perhaps Professor Dwyer thinks it is OK for him to cherry-pick because the NHMRC did so first in the Australian Immunisation Handbook references to the MMR V. Two wrongs make a right if you are in mainstream orthodox health practice.

So our so-called Friends don’t want to spoil a good story with the facts yet pretend to be Australian’s guardian of science in medicine. Where is the ACCC in all this sea of misleading statements designed to confuse and manipulate the masses? Even the Chief Scientist of the Australian Government may have been misled by Professor Dwyer’s behaviour and ethics, as he also happens to be a member of the Friends of Science in Medicine, despite my private warning to him recently that he should reconsider his membership.

BTW Professor Dwyer, the Cochrane reference on Rubella can be found at We did not identify any studies assessing the effectiveness of MMR in preventing rubella. Does your Association have an ethics Committee to decide whether you should include this study on your blog, or do you just decide the ethics on your own? Perhaps I should phone a “Friend” and see what advice they would give you, “To Cochrane include – or Not to Include – That is the Question”. It will be fascinating which way you jump. I am backing enough Friends will caution you to include Cochrane, seeing is your fundamental weapon against natural medicine professions, isn’t it Professor? How does one get to be an office bearer of the “Cherry-Pickers” – are there democratic elections by members, or not?

As an aside, when I was creating babies some 30 years ago, the Immunisation Schedule in my son’s Personal Health Record Book says Rubella V is given to all girls aged 10-14 years old – hmmm. So why now 12 month old girls, and boys. If no proper science? Sorry for being so politically incorrect to challenge the king of the cherry-pickers, and the pushers of  all the V’s, and Malcolm’s pay jabbers.

Anyway, back on track (or already de-railed by Linkedin?) – the Big D’s say it is best not to do too many follow up trials or report all of the ROUTINE ADVERSE EFFECTS (please  Robert de Niro, do not breath that A word) – and parents, look away now if you don’t want to know anything about what might be in all those V’s you are feeding your children, or alternatively if you have an open mind and don’t trust used car salesman and politicians, then check out my post about De Niro’s censored V film on Why a Royal Big V Royal C is a certainty.

It is also politically correct for our government and medical professions not to tell you the information I received from a very prominent nurse at a very prominent childrens’ hospital.

For privacy reasons, (look away now if you want to wait for the court judgement), you are not supposed to be informed that the recent Brunswick measles outbreak (in the middle BTW of Malcolm’s/Tony’s pay jabbing plan) involved 19 adults and only two children. The latter no doubt were children who had been V’ed and thus actually spread disease to us adults. How do I know? Well because otherwise the MM papers and 60 Minutes reporters (if out of our jail), or Four Corners (who recently censored 99.9% of my interview on the Essendon saga BTW) would have made a cover feature/story of how unV kids are spreading the measles disease and we are all at risk.

But the Big D’s and the Big Ph’s know it is best you don’t know the full story because we are talking about V’s here – the holy grail of cash cows for Big Ph companies who get away with “murder” having V’s approved without proper tests, or any proper scientific follow up. Plus sanction two month old babies getting 8 V’s in one day comprising 28 antigens. Wow, that beats nature’s breast milk to create a healthy immune system.

Read this paragraph quickly as I am just having a rave after more Linkedin censorship on my iPhone this morning makes me very frustrated and bewildered at the lengths this corruption descends.

(n.b – no one says we are patients any more in the big pharma world administered by orthodox mainstream consensus medical D’s and occasionally their nursing puppets thrown into the front line in order for BIG ivory tower fortressed D’s to avoid having to obtain informed consent when administering 8 V drugs to a two MONTH old consumer attending because the poor baby’s parents are poor and will lose their social welfare in Australia for which they rely upon to feed and house the newly born but the parents vote for Labour probably so if you are the receiver of campaign funds to elect the party that introduces the bribery legislation to make all parents force V drugs into their children you should be elected next time anyway by the voters who benefit most from a population largely diseased for life and reliant upon a perpetual stream of combination D cocktails to survive childhood, schooling, adolescence, ice addiction, heroin addiction, obesity, diabetes, cholesterol statin therapy, parenting, middle age, and dementia ridden old age with the always banned USA black box warning of a death risk drug Risperdal that Australian D’s feed like lolly water without telling your mum or her carer that even the CEO of Johnson & Johnson wouldn’t have given his mother before she passed away. ).

Sorry was I just ranting then, but I feel better. Let me finish and get some sunshine – do I have to substantiate that sun is good for you. Worked pretty well to create life . Go and find out what the cancer perpetuators say – put a whole lot of chemicals on your skin and don’t worry about the need for Vitamin D – we have got the solution for Vitamin D deficiency – it is a combination of other D… cocktails depending on which Diseases you now have for avoiding being part of nature.

Back to being cleverly censored on Linkedin. Do you know about this problem too, or is it just me and many connections I have popped this question too?

So who tells Linkedin what to do, and how do they decide which Posts to slow the number of viewers, and hence the potential for a post to be widely read?

Ah well, it is a Saturday – I better get a life – get that sun, get my bike out and enjoy a beautiful trail ride along one of nature’s creations, a meandering river. A bit like this journey of unravelling why so many people are so much sicker at so earlier a stage in life, and so dependent upon ever increasing drug cocktails never to be tested in combination, and incapable of being reported for adverse events.

Just like the Big D’s have no science as to how lots of drugs work in combination, they have none as to which drug is causing which symptom. Neat trick because that means the Big D’s and the Big Ph’s cannot be sued. Right?

Well sort of right. It depends upon the law. Right? So that depends upon the regulator. Right? And that depends on taking action? Right? But against whom? Right?And what evidence will be relied upon? Right? Cochrane? Cherry-pickers? 3000 years of traditional clinical experience?And what will the verdict be?

Well, that will depend upon the Judge. Right? And who appoints the Judges?Right? The Pollies. Right? And we elect the politicians. Right? So we decide? Right.

So what’s the answer? That sounds like we should all be OK in the end then. Right?

Keep watching this space.

Let’s hope the answer is not a lemon. Maybe it will be an Apple. Hmmm.

And an apple a day can keep the D away.

Better stop talking about Nature – I will never substantiate how an apple a day can keep the doctor away. But substantiation is the test now with the Victorian  Health Complaints legislation. Lucky doctors under AHPRA don’t have that legal conundrum.

But then no one can substantiate whether the chicken produced the first egg, or whether the first egg produced the first chicken.

Or have they actually proved the Egg theories somewhere, but the supporting science has been covered up?

Or are you thinking? – This is all just too hard – I am so busy – I might as well give my next child 47 vaccines comprising 128 antigens and trust Malcolm pay jabber knows what he is doing with our future generation. He did of course play a role steering US Goliath investment bank Goldman Sachs in his hey day, so those intimate connections with the players behind the New World Order; the TPP; and (more censored stuff which has not yet been leaked, so we don’t know yet it has been censored?????),  should give us great comfort we can sleep tight at night. Right?

Plus if you are still worried, don’t forget in Victoria, we have State Health Minister Jill (“all vaccines are safe”) Hennessy, who must have done her homework, surely, to say those words on TV, plus cannot wait to further destroy the use of natural medicine in my State with her prized Health Complaints bill.

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