SIMPLY why I say 17 Natural Health Professions are effectively abolished



and other state natural therapists

is 17 Natural Health Professions are effectively legally abolished.

Connect these dots

and let me know whether you understand or disagree or posting here on Linkedin or email at or sms to 0402 904749.



Step 1Most States have an Act of Parliament, which includes in a Schedule, a mandatory code of conduct for unregistered practitioners.

In addition, AHPRA registered practitioners acting outside the scope of their professions (whatever that “can of worms” really means) are covered too, but for odd reasons Victoria departed from that language.

Please note that although the Victorian Health Complaints Act just passed in April, the operational commencement is anticipated to be around February 2017. WA has not enacted legislation with this mandatory Code, but I was advised by the relevant WA authority plans to introduce similar legislation and a Code of Conduct are advanced.

Step 2All Codes state that practitioners:

(i) must not make claims either directly to clients or in advertising or promotional materials;

(ii) about the efficacy of treatment or services he or she provides

(iii) if those claims cannot be substantiated.

Step 3 –  SA has an interesting additional clause 10 which notes “Health practitioners must have a valid clinical basis for treating a client” which I think could help negate the impact of the requirement to “substantiate” claims in Clause 11 (Applies to SA, and presumably NT and Tasmania, but I need to double check)

Step 4 – The Federal Liberal Party’s health research arm, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) ruled in 2015 that there was no clinical evidence to support any of the 17 natural therapies.

In fact, the Labor Party relied primarily upon the NHMRC’s ruling of lack of adequate clinical evidence to substantiate treatments, as the basis for their policy to remove private health insurance rebates. See their policy statement at Labor Party’s policy on private health insurance rebates

Step 5 – State based complaints commissioners will prefer the government’s own NHMRC research study and YOU WILL BE PROHIBITED if you go before these executioners.


In the VCAT case where I learnt about this major global corruption to destroy natural medicines, my practitioner had 906 peer reviewed journal articles but this was not enough to stave off deregistration. At least the practitioner WON THE PROHIBITION order i..e. he stayed in practice and the Tribual made a finding of good character too.

Step 6 – Consider helping get the legislation changed to become a level playing field between NATURE therapies and ANTI NATURE therapies. That change includes subsidies for treatments, health insurance, research and similar standards of conduct as for doctors, and big pharma.

Step 7Subscribe (free) to my new website which will develop new features progressively.

Step 8 – (a) Select one of the Friends of Science in Medicine from my next Post naming each of the “Friends” and their place of business;

(b) and then obtain the address, email address and phone number of your Friend;

(c) and then await my further instructions as to what questions to ask of your “Friend”


Conflict of interest : I have resurrected my life from a deep depression in 2003 after a messy divorce, with massive support, love and therapies provided by innumerable practitioners drawn from 15 of the 17 natural professions gonged by Health Minister Sussan Ley’s mafia unit no1, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). You guys better put on your heavy artillery gear now you cannot tell me who authored “Bill Gate’s answer to depopulation strategy” Handbook. In Australia, it is called the Australian Immunisation Handbook.

PS : And how come Minister Ley, Environment Minister Greg Hunt (my Flinders electorate representative) and Graeme Samuel, former ACCC Chairman, President Alzheimers Australia, and now NHMRC board member – caved in so quickly in August 2015, to my amazement, when I uncovered a longstanding corrupt plot since 2003 to slowly kill our elderly, in nursing homes using deadly anti-psychotic drugs. 

You better stand by to read about that “disgraceful” cover-up in a post soon (subject to a lawyer clearing me to publish it).

Unknown to those three complacent pillars of our society, Ley/Hunt/Samuel – paralysing my mum with a banned USA drug which has a major death warning in the USA, ignored in Australia, is not something I am ever going to forget.

Let’s just say there will be no settlement in the court action I will be initiating after this election. It will go on and on and on until we find every last minor player in deliberately accelerating the killing of our homemakers.


– I paid $20 to join the Health Australia Party at

which is fielding candidates for Senate spots in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

No other political party since Federation has included the word “Health” in its name.

I will publicise any other party, like the Health Australia Party, who is prepared to publicly support the retention of natural therapy professions.

This will at least require a uniform Federal/State based approach and a dismantling of the state based health complaints laws as applied to unregistered practitioners. I say this body of legislation has been deliberately designed to confuse the natural health professionals and their associations, given their complexity, subtle differences, obvious differences, checks and balances, definitions, names, purposes, and timelines for operation of their Acts and the Codes.

Contrary to some wise advice to remove my music clips, I continue to indulge as   tackling Big Pharma corruption does not come easy, and the music helps me get through my endless days of pursuit.

Us and Them by Pink Floyd mastered by MrMusic3079

The lyrics of US and THEM says it all :

“Haven’t you heard it’s a battle of words “

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