Friends of Science’s John Cunningham peddles false and misleading information – No 1FSM

Step 1 : Read Dr Judy Wilyman’s expose of the battle she has faced with our satanic Friends of “cherry-picking” Science in Medicine, and in particular their big gun, John Cunningham.

Newsletter 116 Correcting the False and Misleading Information Provided by John Cunningham in the Vaccination Debate (Part 2)

Step 2 : Also watch this graphic 4 minute video, just sent to me an hour ago, which displays the sick extreme depths the Greens have descended by aligning themselves with the ultimate of satanic cyberspace criminals, “guilty” of the Federal Crime of Intimidation.

Greens love affair with pro vax hate group Stop The AVN (SAVN)

The satanic desire of the Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM), to destroy the credibility, teaching, practice, and evidence base of so many traditional healing modalities of Australia’s multicultural community –

is coming to a brutal end !*!

Professor John Dwyer with his two main sidekicks, Ken Harvey and John Cunningham, and their sick band of FSM followers, have shown an extraordinary discrimination with their blinkered attack on Australia’s multicultural community. This satanic assault challenges the very core essence of being an Australian, far removed from our once “lucky country tag” rich in freedom of choice and democratic values.

Check out my recent post highlighted below about the satanic Friend’s handling of Professor Dwyer’s only attack on my credibility. His intended hard hitting response just vanished into cyberspace after I challenged him further, but not before the Professor created the substance of multiple regulatory action steps for false and misleading statements. In addition, the criminal offence of intimidation could well be triggered yet again as intimidation is the modus operandi of this clandestine sect of arrogant elites created out of ANTI NATURE genes I suspect.

The subject matter not surprisingly was the failure to quote the Cochrane Collaboration’s review of another mainstay of fairyland medicine, the safety and efficacy of the MMR vaccine, and rubella in particular, for which Cochrane found no proper studies at all supporting efficacy.

Professor Dwyer gets his blog attack on me censored by Ken Harvey, John Cunningham and Loretta Marron

We are now all subject to a “reign of health terror” far more perverse than any so-called “war on terror” invented in the White House after 9/11.

Our lost freedom to challenge the corrupt science behind the pharmaceutical industry is unprecedented in the western world. I believe Australia is the most corrupt, and “health science censored” nation, for reasons which ultimately a Royal Commission will discover.

Cardinal Pell should be approached to advise Health Minister Sussan Ley, that continuing the cover up of the health science truth will inevitably ensure political suicide and a total rebuild of the health based public service.

Social media forces are building their political power base to break through the mainstream media manipulation our major parties rely upon to achieve office.

Find time to read Judy Wilyman’s work below as she may well prove to be an Australian of the Year, when it becomes politically correct –

to challenge the exponential growth –

in vaccination drug cocktails –

from cradle to grave.

I refer you again to read Judy Wilyman’s work – your children and grandchildren will be immensely proud you decided to research the topic yourself – after all, everyone 65 years and older will have to be vaccinated to get the pension soon but no political party will tell you that. I will take that legislation to the Queen to overrule its satanic intent to fix the baby boomer’s burden on our health budget.

Judy Wilyman PhD
Science and Politics of Australia’s Vaccination Policies

Newsletter 116 Correcting the False and Misleading Information Provided by John Cunningham in the Vaccination Debate (Part 2)

3 thoughts on “Friends of Science’s John Cunningham peddles false and misleading information – No 1FSM

  1. You do realise that this article reads like the lunatic ravings of a detanged mind… Dont you? Invoking Satanic symbolism and labeling people Satanists…not painting your comments as anything less than stupid.


    1. Thanks for your comments Richard and your insights into my “detanged” mind, which I assume means “deranged”(meaning “mad” or “insane” in WIKI). I did check the meaning of Satan before I penned that post and confirm my beliefs again that this “Friends of Science” mob fits the definition, because they have a religious fervour to destroy Nature’s gifts, but totally ignore the scientific standards they scream are necessary for natural therapies to exist, when it comes to their own areas of “orthodox” medicine. Here is at least one definition of Satan in that “Wiki bible” namely : “Satan (Hebrew: שָּׂטָן‎‎ satan, meaning “enemy” or “adversary”;[1] Arabic: شيطان‎‎ shaitan, meaning; “astray”, “distant”, or sometimes “devil”) is a figure appearing in the texts of the Abrahamic religions[2][3] who brings evil and temptation, and is known as the deceiver who leads humanity astray. Some religious groups teach that he originated as an angel, or something of the like, who used to possess great piety and beauty, but fell because of hubris, seducing humanity into the ways of falsehood and sin, and has power in the fallen world. In the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, Satan is primarily an accuser and adversary, a decidedly malevolent entity, also called the devil, who possesses demonic qualities.

      Although Satan is generally viewed as having negative characteristics, some groups have very different beliefs. In Theistic Satanism, Satan is considered a deity who is either worshipped or revered. In LaVeyan Satanism, “Satan” is a symbol of virtuous characteristics and liberty.[4][5]” Interestingly, Friends of Science always makes personal attacks and rarely debates the actual science issues raised in any post anyone writes – your comment certainly fits the mould of a “Friend” as you never referred to any science in the post. I hope you keep reading more of my posts, as the majority will relate to the “Friends” and their lack of accountability to peak gold standard evidence, the real devil if you are a “Friend”.


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