Fraudulent electoral advice being given to enable tampering of your vote – TAKE YOUR OWN PEN

I just got the tip off from one of our network of democracy lovers of nature, being abused by the ANTI NATURE satanic sick rulers of our nation.

Ignore Electoral officers lying about your rights to use your own pen to vote – do not follow any advice you have to use their silly fraudulent pencils – this is a FAQ n democracy – Frequently Ask Questions

Click on the above link and Go to page 14 of this document above put out by the Electoral Office !!!!!!!!!! headed –

Where do I mark my ballot paper?

“You may see other voters at cardboard voting screens.

Voting screens let you mark your vote where no one else can see.

Take your ballot papers to a voting screen.

The voting screen will have a pencil. You can use this to mark your vote on your ballot paper.

You do not have to use this pencil.

You can use your own pencil or pen.”

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