Chance for Natural Health Providers to attend Structural Review of NHMRC’s Grant Program Public Consultation July 2016

Post 1 – FY 2017 –

NHMRC staging public forums in each State in July

Tune in all natural health  practitioners

and their patients like me. Here is your chance to put your view to our Federal Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council as to how structural reform should address the extraordinary NHMRC bias against all natural health therapies.

The need for the NHMRC to adopt a consistent, transparent and honest “level playing field” for evaluating evidence based treatments has never been greater for our pharmaceutical drugs, vaccination drugs and natural therapies.

The NHMRC structural bias against natural health is the fundamental core issue for natural health therapies to address for the following reasons:

(a) the damaging NHMRC 2015  Review of the Australian Government Rebate on Natural Therapies for Private Health Insurance which concluded a lack of clinical efficacy supporting the 17 natural therapy professions has led to my conclusion that the state based health complaints legislation has effectively abolished the right to practice these well accepted therapies. See my explanation in my post at SIMPLY why I say 17 Natural Health Professions…

(b)  the same review led directly to the Labor Party policy to drop rebates for natural health therapies in its recent election campaign promises;

(c) the NHMRC committees are littered with participants with major conflicts of interest, either through links with the anti-Nature sect, Friends of Science in Medicine, or through direct conflicts with pharmaceutical companies, sometimes disclosed;

(d) the Friends of Science in Medicine initially created its membership base by inviting NHMRC recipients of grants to become their foundation members, so escalating the conflict of interest issue when it comes to “creating” appropriate review conclusions;

(e) the NHMRC has provided a very small proportion of research funds to advance the science base behind natural therapies.

So health practitioners, and your patients, and of course your Association leaders, lets plan a co-ordinated strategy to have your voice heard finally by the NHMRC and its Health Department staffers.

Time for the natural health professions to stand up and be counted.


Here is the release today from the NHMRC.

“NHMRC plans to release a public consultation paper in July 2016 and invite all interested individuals and organisations to lodge written submissions in response to the paper.

 Additionally, NHMRC will hold public forums in several capital cities for researchers and organisations to hear from NHMRC and ask questions about the review.

 Attendance at each venue will be limited. Those wishing to attend are encouraged to register via the links provided below.

 Any questions should be directed by email to sends e-mail). Further information about the consultation paper will be provided in July, when it is released for public comment.”

Graeme Little né Peter Pope
Health Politics Advocate/Lawyer 

Gofundme donations can be made at this link

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