Graeme Live August 7 2016 at 9.10pm

Clue 1 – 2 hours of testimony by Dr Offit ( “I could safely be injected with 10,000 vaccines” fame) and colleagues – Expert Testimony on Naturopathy and the Licensure of “Naturopathic Doctors”.- see

Clue 2- Link between the Institute of Science in Medicine in the United States and Dr John Cunningham’s Australian sect, the Friends of Science in Medicine.

Clue 3 – Is there a Link with the CEO of the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, Professor Anne Kelso.

Clue 4 – Who is “jcbigears”, the superman of social media, possibly I say a mild mannered surgeon by day, and a social media gorilla by night?

Clue 5 – What inside genetic information does “jcbigears” have to indicate the parentage of the eight children of the President of The Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc. (AVN)’s Tasha David. Tasha’s first six children were vaccine damaged; whilst the seventh and eighth were not vaccinated and healthy.

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