Andrew Wakefield live exposes Dr Offit

LI 69 – Andrew Wakefield live exposes Dr Offit

The punchline –

The world is witnessing a collision of truth –

there will be only one winner.

You be the Judge.

Andrew Wakefield live exposes Dr Offit

Thirty two minutes of Andrew Wakefield up close and personal on Facebook Live – a man still unyielding in his warning to the world and totally committed to the whole truth coming out.

Lots of highlights, but tune in at the 12 minute mark to hear what Dr Wakefield thinks of the VACCINE King, Dr Offit, the main vaccine spokesperson and a massive personal beneficiary of mandated vaxcines for children, but now also becoming the norm for many adults.

At the 20 min mark, all Australian politicians, health regulators and medical lobby groups should tune in because Dr Wakefield discusses the cover up of the data as to timing of the MMR vacxine, and the fact that the adverse event risk is greater if the monopoly Merck drug is given around 24 months or earlier?

MEGA PUNCHLINE FOR AUSTRALIANS AGED 18 MONTHSWhy does the Australian corrupt regulators mandate our children to get the second MMR vaxcine at 18 months, but the USA regulators hold back the second MMR vaxcine until 48 months.

I am sure someone conflicted at the NHMRC Council level, or the NHMRC CEO Professor Kelso (who received a $14m grant form the NHMRC the year before she was appointed in 2015), or the ATAGI committee, which came up with the Australian Immunisation Handbook recommendations, will have some seriously high powered fairy floss science to explain why we live in the lucky country and get the second MMR jab so early.

Or will I just be given the sound of silence again by the NHMRC, just like my myriad letters to the NHMRC over the last 6 months, and my personal queries at five public forums I attended around the country in July. I might have to dig them all out and show you one by one, to explain why all my energy next will be put into exposing the NHMRC extraordinary corruption and their intimate link with “hyena” style lobby group, the Friends of “cherry-picking” Science in Medicine. Check out the link at “cherry-pickers”, and the 1000 plus members with fingers in EVERY PIE of Australia’s health system. In addition, the cherry-pickers are directly linked to Dr Offit’s lobby group in the US, the Institute of Science in Medicine at ““sin bin” .

At the 47 min mark, Dr Wakefield slams the Australian censorship policy of Australian governments noting “Australia is quite unlike any other country I have ever seen” for censorship.

That just gave me an idea for my next post in relation to vaxcine fraud cover-ups.

First I will write a letter to Quentin McDermott, Four Corners interviewer who is a genuine human being, but unfortunately his ABC bosses covered up my 30 min interview on Four Corners exposing massive corruption in the Essendon peptides story implicating the AFL, ASADA, Essendon officials, the Players Association, and WADA – lucky I have a copy(or two) thanks to a lucky break out there in whistleblower world. My detailed spreadsheet and correspondence with seven officials at Essendon Football Club is a time bomb and would have ensured WADA could not have found the players guilty. This information was provided to most of these parties mentioned above so has been covered up for nearly four years.

Secondly I will write a letter to Ms Pauline Ireland, chief of staff for Victorian Health Minister Jill “foot in mouth disease” Hennessy. I had a recent meeting with Pauline and found her to be a genuine human being with a long track record of public service. Luckily for me, she had never heard of my main foe, the lobby group Friends of Science in Medicine, so that gave me hope that there is still a possibility of senior bureaucratic advice to Minister Hennessy which could represent the balanced truth as to the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

What will I provide Quentin and Pauline?- well why not the original taped conversations of the CDC whistleblower, top scientist William Thompson – naturally covered up by the USA politicians and the CDC for two years so far.

BUT YOU CAN LISTEN FOR YOURSELF AS TO PRECISELY WHAT THE WHISTLEBLOWER WANTS TO SAY WHEN HE GETS HIS DAY IN COURT. Don’t hold your breath –Bush et al still got away with the War on Terror with 9/11 — and guess which countries were in on that UK, Saudia Arabia and Australia.

Interesting our Australian Health Minister Sussan Ley had a chunk of her childhood in Saudia Arabia, where her father was a British Intelligence Officer. When Sussan came to Australia, her father moved into the Australian Federal Police. Might be a co-incidence but neither Minister Ley or Victorian Health Minister Hennessy appear to have any experience in the health industry. Maybe that is not necessary when your intention is to create disease in my opinion.

See Full telephone audio of CDC whistleblower William Thompson

I am not going to tell you where the gems are in this audio link other than about the 3 min mark where the comment is made that the CDC admits the mercury (thimerosal) in the vaccines causes ticks and admits why mercury is still included in the influenza jabs for all of us, including poor pregnant women and their babies to be.

If you cannot be bothered listening – don’t moan to me in a few years complaining you wished you had listened when you get the catch up immunisation schedule for Australian adults linked to passports, drivers licences, health insurance and the 65 year old aged pension.

Wake up all my old venture capital network who are in the 55 to 70 year category and probably run most accountants, solicitors, investment banks, stockbrokers and fund managers- do you want 8 vaccines in a single day with mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, foreign substances, and trace elements too small to tell us but they say TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT . Your 6 week old grandchild has been mandated out of a say when the baby lines up for the 8 vaccine jab on one day. Mind boggling and ZERO science for the impact of 8 jabs on a 6 week old baby.

And by the way, what a farce was the 4 year drama about injecting fit Essendon football club players with peptides, compared to the zero interest in why vaccines injected into tiny babies contain undisclosed PEPTIDES?

Graeme Little né Peter Pope

My GoFundMe campaign if you can afford $5, $10 or $20 to help wheel the fight

P.s. Whistleblowers call me 0402 904749 if your conscience is burning or if you suddenly realise why your grand kids are crook.

Why does Friends of Science in Medicine use a bio medical engineering student to run its Facebook page?

LI 68 – Why does Friends of Science in Medicine use a bio medical engineering students to run its Facebook page?

I have asked the President of Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM), Professor John Dwyer, whether his FSM executive authorises these important responses by unqualified students?

I will also be asking all health regulators whether this amounts to false and misleading information – a topic they eat for breakfast when reading any website of a natural therapist. Surely the public deserves more respect from Professor Dwyer and the labyrinth of big name medical establishments and practitioners running their political agendas through the social media gang warfare waged by FSM.

My last post on the FSM Facebook follows – the full threads would run for 20 pages or more when I transferred to a word document, and naturally my question remains unanswered:

Peter Little

Today at 10:45pm

Luke Corish I am sorry you have misunderstood my point as to the authority of KvR to represent FSM in its provision of scientific and medical advice on behalf of the Friends of Science in Medicine.

Starting a new Post because I cannot find the relevant thread which has been overrun by lots of other students tagged in with great glee no doubt in order to avoid answering the topic, namely the evidence base supporting ADHD drugs, a prime topic of social concern for large numbers of families and teachers.

My point is that FSM purports to authorise as a FSM spokesperson the person I assume to be KURT VAN RYSWYK, whilst he is a student studying biochemical engineering at your own University Luke, namely Flinders University.

I would think your FSM President, Professor John Dwyer, would not be aware of this Facebook strategy of Friends of Science in Medicine to use students to run the evidence based debates.

Perhaps I should post the Professor’s comments to me when he thought it was inappropriate for me to ask a Friend a question which Professor Dwyer considered to be outside his scope of practice.

A large portion of the FSM’s complaints about natural health practitioners relate to this issue of scope of practice. Even a prominent doctor with a history of nutritional experience and advice has been challenged by AHPRA as to his qualifications to provide nutritional advice. A time bomb for all the GP’s I suppose too.

So hope you understand the importance of the question I asked – I make no inference as to how competent a biochmechanical engineering student Kurt might be – the issue is whether the FSM executive are aware of Kurt’s background and have given him actual authority to represent the FSM doctrines as supported by the 1000 plus members of FSM.

Unless a member of the Executive responds the issue of authorisation remains unanswered.

Is Dr Jack Christie the world’s bravest politician?

Linkedin no 69 – Is Dr Jack Christie the world’s bravest politician?

I am in awe of this man for standing up when so many are so scared and afraid to follow Dr Christie’s example. No doubt he will pay for it.

Please watch this extraordinary 7 min youtube clip of testimony before the Houston City Council on 30 August 2016 by Vaxx movie producer Del Bigtree, Dr Andrew Wakefield and comments from Houston Councillor, Dr Jack Christie (see Jack’s comments at 2 min 40 sec in).

(see end of this article for the video link)

Here is Councillor Member Dr Jack Christie’s CV from Houston City Council website

“Jack Christie is a native Texan, businessman, chiropractic physician and community leader. Jack’s broad range of experience has taken him through Houston’s numerous and richly diverse neighborhoods, and he is proud to serve the entire city as At-Large Position 5 Council Member.

Christie received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Texas Chiropractic College and served in the Army Reserves Medical Corps for six years. He received a certificate in International Relations upon completion of graduate courses at the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M. He now runs two successful Houston-area practices that care for over 20,000 patients. As a dedicated small business owner for over thirty years, Christie lends his expertise to the local business community through his position on the Board of Directors for the Spring Branch-Memorial Chamber of Commerce.

Jack’s previous elected positions prior to arriving at Houston City Council include his three terms as a State Board of Education board member and three terms on the Board of Trustees of Spring Branch Independent School District. Christie was elected President of Spring Branch ISD Board of Trustees and was appointed Chairman of Texas State Board of Education from 1995-2000.

Christie’s background in science and education has made him a sought-after education and technology expert. He has appeared on NBC’s Today, ABC’s World News, CNN and CNN Money networks and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times and Time, Fortune and Wired magazines. After being selected from a pool of nominees by the state’s premier names in science, Dr. Jack Christie was inducted into the Texas Science Hall of Fame in 2000.

While an accomplished businessman and a recognized name in his many fields, Jack Christie is most clearly defined by his unrelenting drive to serve his community. Thirty years ago Jack founded the Annual 5th Ward Ice Skating Party and has acted as its organizer and underwriter every year since. He served on the Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Greater Houston Board of Directors for five years; he volunteered as a Big Brother himself for eight years and has had the unparalleled privilege of watching his “littles” grow into successful and self-assured adults in their own rights.

Jack is the proud father of John, Katherine and Patrick. He is an active member of St. Cecilia’s Church and an Eagle Scout. Jack has been an avid runner for more than forty years, competing and finishing marathons and the Ironman triathlon in Hawaii. “


No doubt Microsoft ( whoops politically incorrect – Linkedin) will censor me for posting this link.Who stole my initial 66 Linkedin Posts last week?

Enough is enough.

Let’s debate not intimidate.

Graeme Little né Peter Pope

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