Why does Friends of Science in Medicine use a bio medical engineering student to run its Facebook page?

LI 68 – Why does Friends of Science in Medicine use a bio medical engineering students to run its Facebook page?

I have asked the President of Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM), Professor John Dwyer, whether his FSM executive authorises these important responses by unqualified students?

I will also be asking all health regulators whether this amounts to false and misleading information – a topic they eat for breakfast when reading any website of a natural therapist. Surely the public deserves more respect from Professor Dwyer and the labyrinth of big name medical establishments and practitioners running their political agendas through the social media gang warfare waged by FSM.

My last post on the FSM Facebook follows – the full threads would run for 20 pages or more when I transferred to a word document, and naturally my question remains unanswered:

Peter Little

Today at 10:45pm

Luke Corish I am sorry you have misunderstood my point as to the authority of KvR to represent FSM in its provision of scientific and medical advice on behalf of the Friends of Science in Medicine.

Starting a new Post because I cannot find the relevant thread which has been overrun by lots of other students tagged in with great glee no doubt in order to avoid answering the topic, namely the evidence base supporting ADHD drugs, a prime topic of social concern for large numbers of families and teachers.

My point is that FSM purports to authorise as a FSM spokesperson the person I assume to be KURT VAN RYSWYK, whilst he is a student studying biochemical engineering at your own University Luke, namely Flinders University.

I would think your FSM President, Professor John Dwyer, would not be aware of this Facebook strategy of Friends of Science in Medicine to use students to run the evidence based debates.

Perhaps I should post the Professor’s comments to me when he thought it was inappropriate for me to ask a Friend a question which Professor Dwyer considered to be outside his scope of practice.

A large portion of the FSM’s complaints about natural health practitioners relate to this issue of scope of practice. Even a prominent doctor with a history of nutritional experience and advice has been challenged by AHPRA as to his qualifications to provide nutritional advice. A time bomb for all the GP’s I suppose too.

So hope you understand the importance of the question I asked – I make no inference as to how competent a biochmechanical engineering student Kurt might be – the issue is whether the FSM executive are aware of Kurt’s background and have given him actual authority to represent the FSM doctrines as supported by the 1000 plus members of FSM.

Unless a member of the Executive responds the issue of authorisation remains unanswered.

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