Graeme Little né Peter Pope is a health politics advocate/lawyer primarily fighting Big Pharma corruption in Australia since 2011, its impact on the political and regulatory framework, and its involvement in an alleged conspiracy to harm the natural medicine professions and their practitioners and patients.

He recently assisted a health practitioner succeed in maintaining his right to practice in the longest health practitioner case in Australia fought to the bitter end after 66 days of hearings before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Graeme has had a varied business and legal career starting with private legal practice in 1978, Principal Legal Officer with the National Companies and Securities Commission in 1983, stockbroker and venture capitalist from 1983 to 2000, horse breeder and racing until 2010, medicinal herb farming and permaculture design and now specializing in health politics advocacy and law.


The goals of fightPHARMAcorruption are to fight Big Pharma corruption primarily in Australia in the following key areas:

  1. The influence on governments to pass legislation favourable to Big Pharma and discriminating towards natural medicine professions.
  2. The influence on universities to conduct scientific studies favourable to Big Pharma without due rigor for accepted global standards of scientific rigour
  3. The influence on government agencies to fast track drug approvals without appropriate saferty and efficacy trials, and subsequent after-market monitoring.
  4. The facilitation of sceptic organisations and medical lobby groups to target natural medicine professions and their key leaders.
  5. The influence upon research organisations such as the NHMRC to depart from their mandatory guidelines in critical areas such as the Australian Immunisation Handbook.
  6. The distortion of mainstream media reporting in favour of Big Pharma and critical of natural medicine professions.
  7. The undue pressure on doctors to fail to report adverse events, or speak out about safety risks of any drug.
  8. The creation of Medicines Australia, a self regulatory club of Big Pharma companies to usurp the usual role of the ACCC in protecting consumers.
  9. The initiation of all appropriate legal action to re-address all outcomes of Big Pharma’s alleged corruptions in Australia.
  10. To foster world-class whistleblower legislation in Australia with financial incentives, to encourage the truth about corruption.