Chance for Natural Health Providers to attend Structural Review of NHMRC’s Grant Program Public Consultation July 2016

Post 1 – FY 2017 –

NHMRC staging public forums in each State in July

Tune in all natural health  practitioners

and their patients like me. Here is your chance to put your view to our Federal Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council as to how structural reform should address the extraordinary NHMRC bias against all natural health therapies.

The need for the NHMRC to adopt a consistent, transparent and honest “level playing field” for evaluating evidence based treatments has never been greater for our pharmaceutical drugs, vaccination drugs and natural therapies.

The NHMRC structural bias against natural health is the fundamental core issue for natural health therapies to address for the following reasons:

(a) the damaging NHMRC 2015  Review of the Australian Government Rebate on Natural Therapies for Private Health Insurance which concluded a lack of clinical efficacy supporting the 17 natural therapy professions has led to my conclusion that the state based health complaints legislation has effectively abolished the right to practice these well accepted therapies. See my explanation in my post at SIMPLY why I say 17 Natural Health Professions…

(b)  the same review led directly to the Labor Party policy to drop rebates for natural health therapies in its recent election campaign promises;

(c) the NHMRC committees are littered with participants with major conflicts of interest, either through links with the anti-Nature sect, Friends of Science in Medicine, or through direct conflicts with pharmaceutical companies, sometimes disclosed;

(d) the Friends of Science in Medicine initially created its membership base by inviting NHMRC recipients of grants to become their foundation members, so escalating the conflict of interest issue when it comes to “creating” appropriate review conclusions;

(e) the NHMRC has provided a very small proportion of research funds to advance the science base behind natural therapies.

So health practitioners, and your patients, and of course your Association leaders, lets plan a co-ordinated strategy to have your voice heard finally by the NHMRC and its Health Department staffers.

Time for the natural health professions to stand up and be counted.


Here is the release today from the NHMRC.

“NHMRC plans to release a public consultation paper in July 2016 and invite all interested individuals and organisations to lodge written submissions in response to the paper.

 Additionally, NHMRC will hold public forums in several capital cities for researchers and organisations to hear from NHMRC and ask questions about the review.

 Attendance at each venue will be limited. Those wishing to attend are encouraged to register via the links provided below.

 Any questions should be directed by email to sends e-mail). Further information about the consultation paper will be provided in July, when it is released for public comment.”

Graeme Little né Peter Pope
Health Politics Advocate/Lawyer 

Gofundme donations can be made at this link


Friends of Science Rant and Rave that Cochrane finds no science backing diabetes Type 2 drugs

“Friends of Science Rant and Rave that Cochrane finds no science backing diabetes Type 2 drugs”

Action plan for Thursday 24 June 2016 for all interested natural therapy practitioners, and their patients – scroll down for the five key steps. 

{ad – I am talking at CMA event tonight (Thursday 23rd) in Adelaide from 5.30pm – (livestream likely) and I am available Friday in Adelaide for practitioners to contact me – presenting in Sydney on wed 29 June too}

Check out the Friends of Science’s response to my Linkedin post to be found at Should Health Minister Ley resign for approving a…., namely failing t otally to address the complete lack of scientific evidence as to the safety and efficacy of various Type 2 diabetes drugs, according to the esteemed Cochrane Collaboration’s current April 2016 review. 

The sum total of the two comments from the Friends of Science In Medicine’s Facebook response amounted to :

(a) Loretta Marron, the CEO of Friends and its Facebook administrator, stating she could not find the link to the Cochrane report on my Post, even though the link is obvious in my Post, and does work, as I just tested it; 

(b) sadly the second Friend, Marty Tio , has also a serious problem of see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil, as he missed reading anything about Minister Ley’s media release under the TGA banner. I thought that was the whole point of my post, but Marty wrote an incredible amount of raving and ranting. Wow I better spend a bit more time on this Friend’s site if this is the standard of the scientific world’s answer to the Catholic Church, and its regard for young boys over 50 years of denial and psychological mayhem.

I reproduce the start of the Friends rant and rave and you can study the full link here at  Rant and rave of CEO Loretta Marron, desperate not to read the Cochrane and have to make her first ever public comment about what Cochrane says about a drug used by a doctor, but you may need to scroll down two or three posts to see Sussan Ley’s smiling face:

Can you please link to the Cochrane report, Peter. Your link goes to a rave by someone on LinkedIn. (SI)Like · Reply · 

Yesterday at 9:07pmMarty Tio That rant is ridiculously ignorant. my link goes to a rave by someone on Linkedin..

Peter Little‎ to Friends of Science in Medicine


Hmmm. That is a high standard of intellectual engagement Friends.

I challenge any “Friends of Science” member to a live Facebook debate with me upon the issues raised in my Post, and why they see no need to protect the public from this serious issue I have raised.

I will also invite Minister Ley, or her no 1  advisor.

I always seem to miss the point somehow when it comes to a debate with the Friends, AHPRA, VCAT and the Ministers of Health around the country. Friends are cherry-pickers and never want to discuss the actual science I raise directly with them, even when it is the precise science from the peak globally accepted independent authority they use to denigrate others, like Cochrane Collaboration, to be found at

It would take around 30 seconds to find the actual Cochrane review anyway, as I did late one night after getting an email alert from the TGA as to a major safety upgarde in relation to diabetes 2 drug, Canagifloxin.

You do not need to be a Professor like Professor John “cherry-picking” Dwyer, to check out Cochrane. Cochrane is designed for you and me – non Professors and non doctors. 

So here is the Action Plan for Thursday 24 June 2016 for all interested natural therapy practitioners, and their patients – scroll down for the four key steps.

Step 1: Open up

Step 2 : Type in search bar section the word Canagifloxin

Step 3 : Read the Cochrane review, or the first couple of pages in layman’s language will be enough, and then copy link to the Friends of Science Facebook site to be found at Friends of Cherry Picking Science in Medicine’s see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil propaganda machine

Step 4 : Ask this question next to your posting on the Friend’s site ” Q. Is there any reputable Friend that will stand up to the Friends’ ring leaders, John Dwyer, Ken Harvey, John Cunningham and Loretta Marron, and say to the health loving public that Friends of Science in Medicine should no longer belittle and intimidate us and pretend we are all ignorant.

Step 5 – Send my post and your Post on Friends website to all your patients and invite them to carefully consider the contents

 I want to find just one Friend that will be the first to tell the truth out of the pack of a 1000 plus Friends, combined with their bewildering array of affiliated associations. I just want a single Friend to tell the public what I have found in relation to nearly 700 heavily taxpayer subsidised drugs in relation to what peak accepted authorities say about our leading subsidised drugs.

We can keep this charade going for as long as the Friends have members, or a Court orders them to change their behaviour.

The cherry-picking Friends regard Cochrane as the bible to be used against natural therapists, as do AHPRA, our prime health regulator. I should know, because I fought for a natural health practitioner in a VCAT case which lasted 66 sitting days where AHPRA only filed scientific evidence from Cochrane to deregister my practitioner. Lucky AHPRA, spurred on by the cherry-picking Friends,  failed in their prohibition order though.

Professor John Dwyer should stand down if this is the extent of the science debate.

My view remains that Health Minister Sussan Ley should immediately resign, after perpetuating the cover-ups of proper science as well stated in my Post.

The diabetes 2 drugs mentioned in the Cochrane review should be immediately withdrawn from the market until a proper trial can be conducted, a difficult concept for our predominantly “conflicted by the Big Pharma $$$” scientists globally, and particularly in Australia.

Professor John Dwyer, head of the Cherry-Pickers, has well instructed his puppets that training manual 101, at peak times of embarrassment with their misguided enthusiastic manifesto, states – revert to “rave” and “rant” and “rave” BUT under no circumstances click on the two clear attachments that my Post was about that has also stumped the entire 70,000 plus readership base and the head honchos.



My first guest post on the “Friends” Facebook page read:

“Do the Friends of Science have any concern with a Cochrane Collaboration Review which found in April 2016 that there were no proper scientific trials done on these diabetes Type 2 drugs, including Johnson & Johnson’s Canaglifloxin, called INVOKANA in Australia

Should Health Minister Ley resign for approving a Type 2 diabetes drug with no scientific…Should Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley resign for approving a Type 2 diabetes drug with no scientific…LINKEDIN.COM

The Friends response was as follows, repeated from above:

Can you please link to the Cochrane report, Peter. Your link goes to a rave by someone on LinkedIn. (SI)Like · Reply · 

Yesterday at 9:07pmMarty Tio That rant is ridiculously ignorant. my link goes to a rave by someone on Linkedin..

Peter Little‎ to Friends of Science in Medicine


You be the judge

SIMPLY why I say 17 Natural Health Professions are effectively abolished



and other state natural therapists

is 17 Natural Health Professions are effectively legally abolished.

Connect these dots

and let me know whether you understand or disagree or posting here on Linkedin or email at or sms to 0402 904749.



Step 1Most States have an Act of Parliament, which includes in a Schedule, a mandatory code of conduct for unregistered practitioners.

In addition, AHPRA registered practitioners acting outside the scope of their professions (whatever that “can of worms” really means) are covered too, but for odd reasons Victoria departed from that language.

Please note that although the Victorian Health Complaints Act just passed in April, the operational commencement is anticipated to be around February 2017. WA has not enacted legislation with this mandatory Code, but I was advised by the relevant WA authority plans to introduce similar legislation and a Code of Conduct are advanced.

Step 2All Codes state that practitioners:

(i) must not make claims either directly to clients or in advertising or promotional materials;

(ii) about the efficacy of treatment or services he or she provides

(iii) if those claims cannot be substantiated.

Step 3 –  SA has an interesting additional clause 10 which notes “Health practitioners must have a valid clinical basis for treating a client” which I think could help negate the impact of the requirement to “substantiate” claims in Clause 11 (Applies to SA, and presumably NT and Tasmania, but I need to double check)

Step 4 – The Federal Liberal Party’s health research arm, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) ruled in 2015 that there was no clinical evidence to support any of the 17 natural therapies.

In fact, the Labor Party relied primarily upon the NHMRC’s ruling of lack of adequate clinical evidence to substantiate treatments, as the basis for their policy to remove private health insurance rebates. See their policy statement at Labor Party’s policy on private health insurance rebates

Step 5 – State based complaints commissioners will prefer the government’s own NHMRC research study and YOU WILL BE PROHIBITED if you go before these executioners.


In the VCAT case where I learnt about this major global corruption to destroy natural medicines, my practitioner had 906 peer reviewed journal articles but this was not enough to stave off deregistration. At least the practitioner WON THE PROHIBITION order i..e. he stayed in practice and the Tribual made a finding of good character too.

Step 6 – Consider helping get the legislation changed to become a level playing field between NATURE therapies and ANTI NATURE therapies. That change includes subsidies for treatments, health insurance, research and similar standards of conduct as for doctors, and big pharma.

Step 7Subscribe (free) to my new website which will develop new features progressively.

Step 8 – (a) Select one of the Friends of Science in Medicine from my next Post naming each of the “Friends” and their place of business;

(b) and then obtain the address, email address and phone number of your Friend;

(c) and then await my further instructions as to what questions to ask of your “Friend”


Conflict of interest : I have resurrected my life from a deep depression in 2003 after a messy divorce, with massive support, love and therapies provided by innumerable practitioners drawn from 15 of the 17 natural professions gonged by Health Minister Sussan Ley’s mafia unit no1, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). You guys better put on your heavy artillery gear now you cannot tell me who authored “Bill Gate’s answer to depopulation strategy” Handbook. In Australia, it is called the Australian Immunisation Handbook.

PS : And how come Minister Ley, Environment Minister Greg Hunt (my Flinders electorate representative) and Graeme Samuel, former ACCC Chairman, President Alzheimers Australia, and now NHMRC board member – caved in so quickly in August 2015, to my amazement, when I uncovered a longstanding corrupt plot since 2003 to slowly kill our elderly, in nursing homes using deadly anti-psychotic drugs. 

You better stand by to read about that “disgraceful” cover-up in a post soon (subject to a lawyer clearing me to publish it).

Unknown to those three complacent pillars of our society, Ley/Hunt/Samuel – paralysing my mum with a banned USA drug which has a major death warning in the USA, ignored in Australia, is not something I am ever going to forget.

Let’s just say there will be no settlement in the court action I will be initiating after this election. It will go on and on and on until we find every last minor player in deliberately accelerating the killing of our homemakers.


– I paid $20 to join the Health Australia Party at

which is fielding candidates for Senate spots in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia.

No other political party since Federation has included the word “Health” in its name.

I will publicise any other party, like the Health Australia Party, who is prepared to publicly support the retention of natural therapy professions.

This will at least require a uniform Federal/State based approach and a dismantling of the state based health complaints laws as applied to unregistered practitioners. I say this body of legislation has been deliberately designed to confuse the natural health professionals and their associations, given their complexity, subtle differences, obvious differences, checks and balances, definitions, names, purposes, and timelines for operation of their Acts and the Codes.

Contrary to some wise advice to remove my music clips, I continue to indulge as   tackling Big Pharma corruption does not come easy, and the music helps me get through my endless days of pursuit.

Us and Them by Pink Floyd mastered by MrMusic3079

The lyrics of US and THEM says it all :

“Haven’t you heard it’s a battle of words “

Who is behind the secret “white” ANTA

The ANTA board members are a secret!!!

They will not tell me and the website is silent.

My recommendations to members of ANTA follow.

1. Members should ring, write and use social media to ensure ANTA publishes the names of directors on its website, and makes a satisfactory explanation as to the need for current secrecy.

2. An extraordinary general meeting to be called to consider:

(a) appointing an interim administrator to examine the workings and corporate governance at all layers of ANTA’s operation for the last 10 years;

(b) a resolution as to whether registration with AHPRA should be supported;

(c) alternative solutions to maintaining public protection and confidence, and recognition of the strong track record of support from patients of natural therapy professions.

Has there been 60 years of silence, or is it just this latest era they show abominable corporate governance scarcely seen in my corporate life?

Let’s count the days before they come clean on their identity.

I will reveal one name each day TO YOU as a little birdie has filled me in with their secret, plus a far bit more about what happens to your membership fees


[Check out this extraordinary version of Sounds of Silence by Disturbance seen by 66 million plus viewers

or the live version at Disturbance live at Dawson Creek Canada]

My guess about the ANTA Board composition is

 one monkey who hears no evil

another monkey who sees no evil

and one monkey who speaks no evil

Do you find this secrecy about ANTA board members rather odd?

Particularly for the body that wants to be your policeman


(and with cosy running mate ARONAH )

WHY DO THEY PERSIST with their insane push to move natural professions like naturopathy to AHPRA’s den –

lambs to the slaughter I say 

talk to the chiropractors – the demolition derby target of Friends of Science

I say AHPRA is just another Big Pharma corrupted arm of  government,

led by Head Corruptor herself,

Liberal Health Minister Sussan Ley

Back to the white ANTA’s, why would you be scared to reveal your identity as directors to your very own members, or potential members, and helpful health politics advocates like me, with my strong anti big pharma missions described at

See if you can work out the motives of CEO Brian Coleman, and his secret puppet masters from the white ANTA’s website which follows,

plus see if you can find the annual report anywhere at

  Australian Natural Therapists

why do the white ANTAs refuse to tell me who runs their show when I ring up?

why do they not respond to vital email correspondence?

Why does CEO Brian Coleman write behind my back:”It appears a person calling himself a lawyer is attempting to drum up business by peddling this type of information” ?

why is ANTA’s website grossly misleading its members as to the codes of conduct they are mandated to follow?

has this GROSSLY UNETHICAL BEHAVIOUR been going on for all 60 years of ANTA’s life?

do you know who is looking after you and your hard earned money?

are the secret ANTA directors way more accountable with your money, than they are with their own identity disclosures?

Should they be treated like Geelong City Council and have an independent administrator immediately appointed on a temporary basis, until proper elections can be held?

When you get a grounding as Principal Legal Officer of the fledgling National Companies and Securities Commission (now ASIC) at the age of 27, imagine how cynical you get at seniors card age of 60,

particularly when you have invested all your time and assets into the last five long years fighting for natural health practitioners with intense battles with Rumpole of the Bailey, Dr Ian Freckleton QC, AHPRA, The Chiropractic Board of Australia, The Supreme Court of Victoria, the VGSO, the VCAT, The Melbourne Age, Channel 7, Channel 9, Four Corners, 3 AW, ABC, Friends of Science in Medicine, TGA, endless Health Ministers, the Health Services Commissioner, NHMRC, ATAGI, PBAC, MSAC, Minister for the Environment,Greg Hunt, Alzheimers Australia President Graeme Samuel, ACCC, AMA, Medicines Australia, Johnson & Johnson, CSIRO, Landcare, Essendon Football Club, AFL, AFL Players Association, ASADA, WADA, Worksafe, Minister for Transport, and I forgot, the Medical Board, who just wiped out my absolute gun integrative doctor yesterday (silly move guys – you are getting way too cocky Martin Fletcher, CEO of AHPRA).

My recommendations to members of ANTA follow.

1. Members should ring, write and use social media to ensure ANTA publishes the names of directors on its website, and makes a satisfactory explanation as to the need for current secrecy.

2. An extraordinary general meeting to be called to consider:

(a) appointing an interim administrator to examine the workings and corporate governance at all layers of ANTA’s operation for the last 10 years;

(b) a resolution as to whether registration with AHPRA should be supported;

(c) alternative solutions to maintaining public protection and confidence, and recognition of the strong track record of support from patients of natural therapy professions.

I must say I got very suspicious of ANTA’s motives when they repeatedly ignored my communications to discuss what I knew was a dark side of the moon event for their natural profession customers, namely this confusing state based health complaints legislation.

The fact that the CEO Brian Coleman finally did communicate behind my back making false and misleading statements and showing his ignorance, arouses even more of my curiosity as to his credentials to be representing a key cross section of our talented natural therapy professions.

I have invested an enormous amount of my time since late February 2016 for no reward, and with no vested interests,  comparing all the various State based health complaints legislation.

This has required careful examination with the National/State AHPRA legislation, and a sea of differently structured codes of mandatory conduct impacting in some cases, both AHPRA and unregistered practitioners, but not in others.

I plan a series of webinars to progressively enlighten you, the natural practitioners, as to your responsibilities, and the various differences between States, some minor but subtle. Why there are significant and confusing differences between States rings alarm bells to me. I ponder why the Health Ministers have so departed from uniform legislation. Brian Coleman is simply incorrect saying all States are the same.

My guess is that 99% of practitioners in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia are not fully complying with their respective Codes attached to their State Act which regulates the Code’s requirements.

Even the NSW Complaints public servant I rang yesterday at the Health Care Complaints Commission had not heard of the NSW Code of Conduct for Unregistered Practitioners, or the requirement in Clause 17 (1) (b) of the Code for a health practitioner to display “a document that gives information about the way in which clients may make a complaint to the Health Care Complaints Commission, being a document in a form approved by the Director-General.”

I wrote yesterday to see what the Director- General has actually approved because his staff do not know.

The reason the Friends of Science have not focused on using the State based Acts in NSW, established pre AHPHRA days in 2008, SA in July 2014, and QLD in October 2015, is that the Friends are clever, military and never to be under-estimated. They want to get Victoria operational first, so as not to alert you “naturopathic lovelies” what is in store for you then.

My past five years of specialist “battles” with the ANTI NATURE forces has given me as good a grounding as any in the country of what game is really being played, let alone a wealth of lessons in my school of hard knocks over the last 40 years of my professional and business career.

If you were involved in a 66 day Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal case, being the longest health practitioner case probably in Australia, you would reckon you should be a person worth a hearing if you were running a natural medicine association.

But not so Brian Coleman, CEO of white ANTA. He likes shooting from the hip. Well I don’t – I endeavour to make my words count based on what I have researched. I will be reporting Brian Coleman to the ACCC for any false or misleading statements he is making to members about what I am saying or any personal insults.

I tire of these constant intimidatory tactics being waged across social media, particularly against proponents of natural health measures. ANTI HEALTH merchants will soon find out about Federal Crimes Act offences relating to intimidation and harassment. I am just letting that collective of sceptics chalk up a few more offences before we say enough is enough.

Just for the exercise, I reviewed part of the white ANTA’s website which I reproduce below, with my “crosses” through words I find debatable. Enjoy and enlighten me if I have been unfair, or too lenient.


Check out the “About US” section of ANTA’s website

“The Australian Natural Therapists Association Limited (ANTA) is the largest national democratic association of ‘recognised professional’ traditional, complementary medicine and natural therapy practitioners established for more than 60 years who work in the areas of health care and preventative medicine.

 ANTA was founded in 1955 and represents the multi-disciplinary interests of approximately 10,000 accredited practitioners Australia-wide. ANTA is one of the original Schedule 1 bodies as defined in the regulations of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.

For over 60 years the ANTA name has been synonymous with “Quality” and ” Peak of the Profession“. ANTA is committed to Quality Assurance and Public Safety by maintaining the highest Qualification and Ethical Standards. Our members prime concern is your optimum health. Working with Governments, Researchers, Educators, Health Funds, WorkCover Authorities and Professional Organisations, ANTA represents the interests of:

{ Author’s comment: I am starting to think ANTA more represents the interests of the Directors, AHPRA and Big Pharma}: 

ANTA was recognised by the Australian Taxation Office, in November 2002, under a private ruling as ‘…a professional association that has uniform national registration requirements for practitioners of traditional, complementary medicine and natural therapies…’ thereby allowing ANTA practitioners of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine to practise GST- free.


  • provides an egalitarian representation of all disciplines accredited by the association
  • possesses infrastructure, systems, policies and procedures which enables the association to encompass all aspects of the profession
  • represents the interests of individual disciplines
  • acts as advocate for practitioners of all disciplines accredited by the association
  • promotes the health and safety of consumers of traditional medicine and natural therapy health services
  • supporting statutory registration of natural therapists 

The disciplines recognised by ANTA and accredited by the Australian Natural Therapists Accreditation Board (ANTAB) are:

ANTA is committed to continuous quality improvement and providing the Australian public with the highest possible standards for the conduct and safety of traditional medicine and natural therapy practitioners, and addresses standards for conduct and safety through:

  • The high standard of entry requirements for potential members
  • Yearly review of entry standards to maintain currency and ensure relevance
  • Active participation in setting standards at national and state levels via industry reference group and working committee participation
  • Free student membership to the Association
  • Yearly review of the courses on offer within the profession, and courses currently accredited by ANTAB
  • Compulsory yearly proof of minimum continuing professional education requirements of members
  • Provision of “free” continuing professional education seminars in all states of Australia
  • Provision of additional avenues of continuing professional education for members
  • Compulsory up-to-date senior first aid certificates
  • Compulsory specialised professional indemnity and public liability insurance
  • The Association enforces a strict Code of Professional Ethics
  • The Association maintains effective public complaints handling and resolutions mechanisms outlined in the Constitution 
  • The Association maintains a National Administration Office, which is open five days a week and staffed by an Executive Officer and fully trained support staff
  • The Association maintains fully computerised membership, accreditation and course recognition databases and systems 
  • Provision of communication via the Members’ page on the ANTA website of the most up to date information related to the profession

  • Provision of regular Newsletters and ANTA e-News detailing information of current interest to the profession
  • Provision of a Professional Publication ‘The Natural Therapist’, four times a year offering the latest information available on topics of interest to the profession
  • Provision of an ANTA website to allow interested persons and consumers to obtain information about the Association, natural therapies and traditional medicine and the location of accredited practitioners of the Association
  • Provision of the latest up to date scientific information and monographs including:Provision of funding grants for research into traditional medicine and natural therapies
    • 300 Herbs
    • 350 Diseases & Conditions
    • 250 Supplements
    • Herb – Drug Interaction Guide
    • Supplement – Drug Interaction Guide
    • Treatment Options
    • Organ & Body Systems
    • Drug Induced Depletions
    • Evidenced Based & Peer Reviewed Information
  • Provision of annual ANTA Student Bursary Awards totalling $10,000 p.a. to encourage excellence in the study of traditional medicine and natural therapies
  • Setting of standards for clinics, hygiene and infection control
  • Setting of standards for skin penetration
  • Setting of standards for keeping and maintaining patient records
  • Making public the requirements for recognition of traditional medicine and natural therapy courses by ANTA for membership purposes
  • Making public details of traditional medicine and natural therapy courses recognised by ANTA for membership purposes
  • Only recognising government accredited courses that meet ANTA’s stringent requirements (note – ANTA does not recognise courses delivered totally by distance education)
  • Making public details of ANTA membership criteria and qualifications
  • Consultation with Members on matters of importance.  The Association uses the Members’ web page, consultation meetings, newsletters, ANTA e-News and the magazine to consult with Members

  • A ‘1800’ free-call number promoted to consumers and practitioners, facilitating a direct path of communication with the Association’s national administration office staff
  • A ‘1800’ free-call number and web page promoted to consumers and practitioners, to identify appropriately qualified practitioners in the consumer’s geographical area
  • Undertaking ongoing internal audits of its policies and processes of operation and all matters to do with professional practice
  • External audits of procedures, policies & processes to ensure compliance with the principles of best practice
  • Publishing an Annual Report on the activities and performance of the Association
  • Undertaking a yearly audit of its Constitution which includes the Association’s Complaints, Ethics & Disciplinary Panels
  • Undertaking a yearly audit of its Code of Professional Ethics

  • Ongoing consultation and collaboration with other professional associations

  • Ongoing dialogue and correspondence with ministers, government departments and regulatory bodies
  • Ongoing research of policies in overseas professional associations and policies of overseas governments
  • Maintaining a Natural Therapy Adverse Events Register
  • On line polling of Members and the Public on relevant professional and health issues
  • Democratic voting system for the election of directors by members 

ANTA is a public company limited by guarantee, and is governed by a National Council [Board of Directors] which is elected by the Members of the Association for a term of 3 years.   The Council in turn elects all office bearing positions within the Association, which are for a term of 1 year.

National Council is supported by the services of a full time Executive Officer, full time Company Secretary and full time National Administration Office Staff.  

ANTA practises a policy of consultation with representatives of all stakeholders of traditional medicine and natural therapies, as well as being available to all government and regulatory bodies associated with the professions.

Persons wishing to discuss with ANTA any matters relevant to the professions of traditional medicine and natural therapies should contact the Australian Natural Therapists Association Limited on free-call: 1800 817 577.”

My recommendations to members of ANTA follow.
1. Members should ring, write and use social media to ensure ANTA publishes the names of directors on its website, and makes a satisfactory explanation as to the need for current secrecy.

2. An extraordinary general meeting to be called to consider:

(a) appointing an interim administrator to examine the workings and corporate governance at all layers of ANTA’s operation for the last 10 years;

(b) a resolution as to whether registration with AHPRA should be supported;

(c) alternative solutions to maintaining public protection and confidence, and recognition of the strong track record of support from patients of natural therapy professions.